What is the Mother’s Wish Foundation?Mother's Wish Foundation - Misha

The Mother’s Wish Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization created to bring hope to women who have been abandoned, widowed, divorced and do not have the skills necessary to take care of themselves or their children. The Mother’s Wish Foundation’s aim is to house, care for, assess, and train women from any and all walks of life, so that they can discover their own special talents and develop them to create sustainable lifestyles.

History of the Mother’s Wish Foundation

Mother's Wish FoundationThe MWF was first inspired in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka where it was observed how joyless a day in the life of a woman tea plucker actually was. Their daily routine began at 4:30am where they would begin by making a fire with wood that they had gathered the night before, to make a small non-nutritional roti with a hot cup of plain tea. Then they would have to heat an iron in order to iron their children’s school outfits, get dressed and begin their two to four kilometer walk to the school. The women would begin work around 6:30am, where they would tie a tea basket to their foreheads and proceed to climb the steep cliffs to their allocated rows and begin plucking tea.

Mother's Wish FoundationOn average, a tea pluckers collect about twenty five kilograms of tea per day, working for twelve hours straight. To make matters worse, the hard-earned pay of these tea pluckers are often lost to the indulgent whims of their husbands who were traditionally paid on behalf of the household. Among the many whims, alcoholism was by far the most far-reaching and disastrous – as it would result in entire families suffering without basic necessities and would lead to increased crime within rural villages. Collectively, this would lead to a very unhappy, unproductive, uninspired life.

Looking objectively into the major problems that the people of the tea estates were enduring, the co-founders of the Foundation saw a need for change. Although fathers continue to be the heads of the families and communities, mothers are culturally the family figures actively concerned with the welfare with their own family unit on both a financial and emotional level. As such, the foundation was directed towards women and duely named the Mother’s Wish Foundaiton; the perfect vehicle for the needed change.

Mission StatementMothers Wish Foundation

To provide women with the required skills, resources and support to provide themselves and their families with a sustainable lifestyle.

Vision Statement

To make the wish of every Mother around the world come true by enacting change through sustainable people-centered solutions for the creation of an enabled global society. Creating an environment where each member has access to the resources and support needed to create, develop or pursue an opportunity for improvement.