How did we start our work?Mother's Wish Foundation

The co-founders, thought it fitting to compose a wish list based on the basic needs and suggestions of the women on the estates:

      • Have an ample food supply to feed their children a nutritious meal
      • Be able to provide clothes to dress their children
      • Have a safe home to keep their families
      • All children have the chance to get a good education at a local school.
      • Be able to spend more time with their children

Mother's Wish FoundationBased on this concise wishlist, the co-founders then listed out the factors that got in the way of granting them:

      • Social problems such as alcoholism, abuse and language conflict.
      • Improper administrative systems, such as languages used for company-employee communication and payment systems
      • Improper employee care programs, such as health care, food rations, land allocations and education available.
      • Pre-existing national bodies, such as the government and labor unions

Changes made so farMother's Wish Foundation

      • Every individual employee must collect their own paycheck on payday
      • All official communication made on behalf of the company with the employees is in Sinhalese and Tamil
      • Each employee now has life insurance
      • For each kilogram of tea plucked, one rupee is set aside in a savings account for each child a tea plucker has, so that something is put aside for the children’s basic needs aside from what the company provides.
      • Each tea factory now has a bakery extention that runs on the excess heat generated from tea production. The bakeries provide breakfast and lunch to each member of the tea company.
      • Land is allocated for farming fruits and vegetables that are sold locally to community members
      • All biodegrable waste from farming activities are used to make 100% organic compost which is then used to fertilize the tea and farm lands throughout the estates.


“Everything begins with baby steps, and that is how we began, one step at a time, each step going from strength to strength”

Viki Alles-Crouch-Founder MWF

“To look into the eyes of these children was like making a covenant with God, we had to do something”

“We were no longer just giving them a chance; they were blossoming”